Wheeler and Griffiths start BRC season with champagne spray


Pirelli Carlisle Rally

With only 5 hours testing in the new car, the Pirelli Rally would be a tough rally for Chris & Yan. With the 4 stages on day 1 proving that the car wasn’t handling right and seemed to be stepping out at the back end, the service crew had 45 minutes to change the set up on the car for day 2.

Day 2 seemed to be a bit better with the car not stepping out as much as the previous day, with tricky, narrow stages and wet and misty conditions Chris and Yan just wanted to get the car to the finish and get valuable seat time in the car.

At the end of this rally Chris and Yan came 1st in Class in BRC3 and 2nd in class for BRC2 (Which they got amalgamated into) and they received an award and a champagne celebration.

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