Wheeler and Griffiths get Ist in class and 55th overall on RSAC Scottish Rally

SC1 (14)

RSAC Scottish Rally

This is one of the roughest events on the calendar meaning man & machine take on a very fast & bumpy ride over a very abrasive gravel surface. For this event we played our joker round meaning wherever we finished our points would be doubled, a great opportunity to take the championship lead.

Eight stages laid ahead, 65 competitive stage miles through the forests with massive drops & ditches either side & big rocks on the stages which could all cause big damage, keeping the car on the road & staying out of trouble would be the aim for us.

On the previous event the car had massive handling issues so not only is this our first time driving the car in eight weeks but also the first time driving the car at full pace. As each stage went by the pace increased & the times started coming together, climbing up the leader board.

After all eight stages we ended up 1st in BRC 3 & 55th Overall out of 140 competitors.

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