Drama for CWR on the Three Counties Stages

3 Counties Rally 18 June.

The 3 Counties Stages would be round 6 of this year's ASWMC Rally Championship.

Chris & Steve are seeded car 30, going into this event leading the championship.
The event had 8 stages in store covering over 50 competitive stage miles. The weather would rise to 25 degrees & over 30+ inside the Rally cars.
As the event got underway Chris & Steve got off to a great start, setting competitive times & holding there own out on the stages.
As the temperature climbed, so did the temperature on the Fiesta's brakes, Chris set off into stage 4 & as the first corner came up it was clear to see the car was not going to stop & the brakes completely failed.

Due to this Chris & Steve had to come off the stage early taking a stage maximum meaning they got given a 5 minute stage penalty.

After every stage after this the team had to bleed the brakes just to keep the car going on the Rally.

Lucky enough, we got to the end, Chris & Steve finished the Rally & still hold the lead of the championship.

Next stop for us is now the Boconnic Rally on August 13th in Cornwall

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