CWR finish Abingdon CAR-nival Stages 32nd overall

Abingdon CAR-Nival Rally 2017

Wheeler gains valuable points!

The Abingdon CAR-Nival Rally was held on 11th June in Oxfordshire, this is Round 5 of this 2017 ASWMC Rally Championship.
This is a eight stage Rally with a total of 75 competitive stage miles. The plan for this event would be to finish & claiming good points to move back up the standings.

Stage 1, Chris & Steve got off to a good start with no issues, the stages would see the car's push up to 100MPH, the Fiesta MS1 is not made for the high speed events but the times Chris was setting we're right on the pace that was needed.

During the day Chris & Steve slowly climbed the leader board, with a total of 30 in the 1600cc class we would be sitting in a comfortable 7th place but sitting in 1st place out of the registered crews for points.
The stages are very fast & into each corner hard braking was needed to get the pace off & get through some of the tricky sections. The rear brakes late in the day started to melt as temperatures increased way above 350 degrees, but all was needed was that vital finish.

Stage 6, all was going too well, but the Fiesta came to a halt on stage as the car cut off & started to miss fire, dropping the car down to just two cylinders. With a very rushed 20 minute service the team did what they could to solve the problems with the car, it was going to be down to luck to get the car through the last two stages, just a total of 15 miles to go!

Stage 7, car ran perfectly & was one of our quickest stages of the day! Issues seemed to be fixed, one stage to go!

Stage 8, 5 miles left, the light went green, Chris & Steve floored it & was driving it like they stole it! Counting down them miles, fingers crossed to reach the finish line as the team watched on from back in service. The boys done it! Finished & got up to 6th in class & 1st registered points crew, an amazing result!

Next stop on the calendar is now on the 18th June, in Honiton for the 3 Counties Stages Rally.

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