Chris & Steve achieve 36th overall on Bovington Stages

Wheeler increases pace on Round 2 - Bovington Rally

On the 4/5 March the Chris Wheeler Rallying Team headed to Bovington in Dorset for Round 2 of this year's ASWMC Rally Championship, this would be Chris's second Rally back into the sport & now would be the time for Chris to start increasing his pace. The event around Bovington is a fast venue, with lots of flowing corners & long straights as far as a thousand yards, this event would be perfect to get used to the high speeds of Rallying once again. Day 1, the rally would start at 10:30 sharp! The nerves kicked in but all seemed fairly calm, the weather had its moments making the surface slippery.

The main thing to watch out for on this event would be the huge concrete blocks used to stop tanks, keeping away from these would be top priority as these blocks can cause major damage to the cars. The First couple of stages for Chris & co-driver/father Steve Wheeler would be used just to settle down into the event & pick up the pace from there on in, it took a few stages to learn the venue as we have never been to this event before. As the later stages of Saturday came, Chris slowly climbed up the leader board & managed to get ahead of his seeded number which was 55. With just a couple of small moments on the Saturdays Stages Chris & Steve finished day one 49th Overall.

Day 2, another further six stages in store, Chris started day 2 on a mission, the times picked up & Chris climbed the leader board taking chunks of time out of the cars ahead, the Fiesta is very low powered compared to any other competing car at this rally so we all knew getting anywhere would be extremely hard, but with the light weight Fiesta braking later than most & nimble enough to get in & out of the man made chicanes the times where coming. With just a couple of stages to go somehow Chris & Steve got the Fiesta up into the late 30's, this would be an amazing result if the event ended now, but with another two stages to go it was still all to play for! Chris & Steve had a total of 7.4 miles to competitive driving to go before they reach the event, a big effort was made & with the Fiesta on It's limits the end soon came, this was an amazing achievement finishing this event & we managed to climb into 36th Overall, scoring very good championship points. Out of the crews that are registered for the ASWMC Championship we have now broken into the top 5, holding 5th place against much more powerful cars. Our next event will be the Corinium Stages Rally on the 29th April, make sure you keep up to date on our social media...

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