Another great result for CWR

Prima Stages Rally 2017

The championship rages on…

The Prima Stages Rally is one of our qualifying rounds of this year’s ASWMC Rally Championship, this is held at Smeatharpe Airfield in Honition. We woke up at a very early 4AM of the day of the Rally, it was a cold, wet & windy morning as we set off, the weather was due to rain all day non stop. For this event we was seeded at car 32, a good seeding for us in the Fiesta MS1. We needed a good amount of points in this Rally to challenge for the championship lead. Our fiesta is far under powered so we would have to be on it from the very start of the event.

Stage 1, the rain poured, the surface was flooded & there was a light mist in the air, very tricky conditions laid ahead. The light went green, we set off. This stage felt good from inside the car considering the conditions all went well, in fact very well as we set an outstanding eighth fastest time against all 71 competitors, this is far from possible but somehow we pulled it off, a great start to our day.

One stage down, Severn to go, Stage 2, same layout as stage 1, all was going well until we came round to the merge & met a car that had just started the stage, unfortunately we got held up for some time. By the time we managed to get past we had lost a lot of time, despite trying our hardest to make up as much as possible throughout the rest of the stage.

Stages 3 & 4, the longest set of stages for the event. After our hold up on stage 2 we once again got held up on stage 3, not loosing as much time but enough. We got our foot down on Stage 4 which was a Clean stage for us, leaving four stages in the afternoon to go. Back in service, the car got cleaned down, the usual service checks were done & everything set for the following stages.

The afternoon went much better for us, the Fiesta was handling the wet conditions without any fault, the tyres where gripping well & the suspension took corner by corner without any moments or drama. After stage 6, we had just two short stages to go & we kept the pace up all the way to the very end. The car was at maximum revs in every gear, the notes being called to me went straight from one to another through the right chicanes & twisty corners, everything was going to plan.

Stage 8, we took another four seconds of our stage 7 time, after all of the teams effort we managed to finish an amazing 22nd overall & 6th in class. In championship terms we finished the event 5th Overall & 1st in the 1600 class scouring us fantastic points! Next the championship heads up country to Wales on the 1st October, then the year ends at Bovington on the 19th of November for the championship final show down.

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