Podium Finish for CWR

Challenger Stages Rally - The final fight of 2017.

The Challenger Stages Rally would be the final showdown of 2017, after a strong return to Rallying, all we had to do on this event would be to finish to secure that podium spot they have been fighting to keep hold of all year.

The Ford Fiesta MS1 has performed well all year & has been on the limit since the word go at Round 1.

Six stages stood between the podium finish, it was a nail biting event from start to finish. All fingers we’re crossed for a good string result. The morning of the event would be a cold one, temperatures down to just + 2 degrees. With the surface of the Stages being cold the correct tyre compounds would be vital to get off to a good start.

Stage 1, the lights counted us down & once the green light came on it was flat out from the very start. We got off to the perfect start & got into the rhythm of the event straight away. As this event was just a six stage Rally we had to be on it from the word go, we needed to get enough points together to keep us on the podium, our main rivals we’re in much faster category cars so we knew they’d be scoring huge points if they made it to the end of the day.

As the day moved on we was in a very good place, pushing close to the top 3 in our class & doing well on the overall leaderboard, we just had to hold it all together, not make any mistakes & hope the car would hold on for a few more stages. The Stages we’re fast, flowing & also had a few tricky technical sections. The speeds on this events are almost always 60mph throughout seven to nine miles at a time, our concentration could not afford to slip at any point.

On Stage 6 we went faster than ever before in our Fiesta, managing to finish the event 25th Overall & 4th in Class! We managed to get a total of 27 points which put us 3rd Overall in the Driver’s standings & 2nd Overall in the Co-Driver’s standings. We have all had a exciting season of Rallying & it has been a great adventure. I personally cannot thank the team for helping me make a return to the sport after what happened in 2016. We came back with a bang!

Now we start our testing program over the winter months before we get back to the big events which for us start in March! More information & news to follow at chriswheelerrallying.com or our Facebook page “ Chris Wheeler Rallying “

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