Driver – Chris Wheeler

  • Born: 19/06/1994

  • Lives: Torquay, Devon

  • Height: 6ft

  • Occupation: Vehicle Technician

  • Rally Debut: June 2009

  • Career Highlight: 2012 National Class Champion

  • Favourite Rally: Jim Clark International Rally

  • Hobbies: Motorsport, Gym, Swimming


Chris has grown up in a Motorsport family and has been brought up in the world of cars and Motorsport. Chris has watched his Father compete in all sorts of Motorsport events, He knew from then he wanted to be a Rally driver. Rallying has always been his passion,

Chris started Rallying when he was just 15 years old.

Chris is very passionate about Motorsport and is very thankful for every opportunity he has had. He appreciates every single person who takes the time to follow his journey.

2012 National Class Champions

2013 Star of the Future Champions

2014 British Rally Championship Driver

2015 RF1.6 Class Champion

2016 British Rally Championship Class BRC3 Champion