Chris Wheeler to attend Rally day

This year the Chris Wheeler Rallying team will be attending Rally day at Castle Combe Race Circuit on the 22nd September. This is europe's ultimate rally car show. The event will be host to the worlds best rally cars from historic right up to the modern day era. Also some of the worlds best drivers will be in attendance.

For ourselves, we will be out on track throughout the day, also we will be featuring on the Feature rally stage including the mixed surface rally stage. If you can attend feel free to come and visit the CWR team, our car will be on display all day and we are more than happy to show you round. 

We also are doing a fund raiser on this day, we have three pairs of Sunday day passes to this year's World Rally GB held in Wales. for just £5 you will be entered into our prize draw for your chance to win. Winners will be announced on the 23rd September on the website and all our social media pages.

We hope to see you at RallyDay! 

An early end to the season for CWR

Sadly with a retirement on the Rally Van Wervik due to suspension damage after hitting a rock on the first stage, we have decided to pull out of the 2018 MSA Asphalt Rally Championship.

Stage 1 in Belgium saw Chris & Shaun come round a fast blind corner to find a rock placed in the racing line. They managed to avoid the rock with the front of the car but the off side rear wheel hit the rock and broke the suspension putting them out of the event.

having had so many issues with the car, we need to take time out of a championship to sort the problems out before we go back into big events.

Chris Wheeler Rallying ready for their first overseas rally

Wheeler & Layland will be back in action at Rally Van Wervik

After a disappointing end to Chris Wheeler & Shaun Layland’s Manx National Rally, the crew now put the event behind them & look down the road towards Rally Van Wervik in Belgium.

The Devon team ended their rally after Stage four back in service on the Manx National due to a mechanical issue with the car, they had spent the first loop of stages struggling in the rain & fog which also wasn’t helped by a windscreen misting up making visibility next to nothing.

Once the crew started stage four as soon as they got to the first corner disaster struck & a mechanical problem hit, making the car almost impossible to keep control of.

It was an early exit for the team but with Round three just around the corner all eyes now head to Belgium, & now hopefully the tables will turn in Wheeler’s favour.

Belgium will be Chris & Shaun’s first ever event abroad, the aim for this event will not only be to gain experience but will also be to start getting points in the bag & to move up in the standings.
The DS3 is currently being repaired & will soon be ready for its next outing.

Chris has said “ It was a shame to retire on the Isle Of Man, with the conditions looking good for the Saturday’s Stages I know we would have pulled our way up the leaderboard & I would of been confident to push on.

I was happy with our shakedown runs before the event & Shaun was doing a great job to get me through the fog & keeping me under control.
Next event I’m sure we can start making progress together & get a finish under our belt, this is just the start for us & this car “


An award for Chris & Shaun at Brean Stages

Brean Stages Rally 2018 Wheeler & Layland take to the Stages for the first time.


Chris & new co-driver Shaun Layland started 2018 at the Brean Stages Rally. They would be using this event as a shakedown for the DS3 & at the same time this event would be used as time to bond with each other in the car & working as a team.

The Rally was 52 miles in total which took place over two days at Brean Leisure Park. This is a single venue event but would be perfect to test the car on. The first day would see the rain fall all day, making the Stages very slippery & not the easiest way to start off back in the DS3.

Chris & Shaun got off to a flying start on the first stage setting 18th fastest time & straight away was sitting top 3 in their class. The car came back with no issues & was working well. The following stages Chris & Shaun pushed on & was sitting in the top 20 Overall all day, the team was working well & Chris & Shaun seemed to be getting on well in & out of the car. Everything was looking good on this first day back.

After day 1 Chris & Shaun was 21st Overall & 3rd in Class, the surface on the Stages was very slippery & the grip levels had been poor all day. We was all hoping for a dryer day 2 to see how the car would be in better conditions & to try different set ups with the car to see how it would handle.

Day 2, we woke up to dryer conditions but the tarmac was still wet, we set up the car’s suspension for the day & choose different tyres to try out for the next six stages. All we had to do was get through another 27 miles to complete the event. We set off on the days first stage, but this lead to our first drama of the day with the Auxiliary belt coming off. Chris managed to get the car back to service & the mechanics got a new belt on so we was ready for the next stage.

A couple of stages later & another problem had occurred, this time the had a split turbo pipe, the crew did their best to fix the issue which they did just in time before they had to set off once again for Stage 9. As they pulled off the start line the pipe came off meaning they had a massive lack of power for the whole stage, but lucky enough we had a plan.

In service the crew managed to find a brand new turbo pipe which they put on & the issue seemed to be fixed, but only time would now tell. Chris & Shaun set off for Stage 11, the second to last stage of the event. This time the turbo pipe worked & the boys  managed to set a fantastic stage time, this boosted the teams confidence & left us with one stage to go to finish the Rally.

Stage 12, 4.8 miles to go, this stage would be our best stage of the whole Rally as we set 13th fastest time & finished the event 20th Overall & 3rd in Class. The DS3 ran faultlessly for the last two stages & we came away having learned a lot from the car, from set up, to tyres & also fuel loads we got all the information we needed to go forward this season. Chris & Shaun picked up their first award together & got off to a great start.

For more information on events, progress & images throughout our 2018 season please also check out “ Chris Wheeler Rallying “ on Facebook.

Podium Finish for CWR

Challenger Stages Rally - The final fight of 2017.

The Challenger Stages Rally would be the final showdown of 2017, after a strong return to Rallying, all we had to do on this event would be to finish to secure that podium spot they have been fighting to keep hold of all year.

The Ford Fiesta MS1 has performed well all year & has been on the limit since the word go at Round 1.

Six stages stood between the podium finish, it was a nail biting event from start to finish. All fingers we’re crossed for a good string result. The morning of the event would be a cold one, temperatures down to just + 2 degrees. With the surface of the Stages being cold the correct tyre compounds would be vital to get off to a good start.

Stage 1, the lights counted us down & once the green light came on it was flat out from the very start. We got off to the perfect start & got into the rhythm of the event straight away. As this event was just a six stage Rally we had to be on it from the word go, we needed to get enough points together to keep us on the podium, our main rivals we’re in much faster category cars so we knew they’d be scoring huge points if they made it to the end of the day.

As the day moved on we was in a very good place, pushing close to the top 3 in our class & doing well on the overall leaderboard, we just had to hold it all together, not make any mistakes & hope the car would hold on for a few more stages. The Stages we’re fast, flowing & also had a few tricky technical sections. The speeds on this events are almost always 60mph throughout seven to nine miles at a time, our concentration could not afford to slip at any point.

On Stage 6 we went faster than ever before in our Fiesta, managing to finish the event 25th Overall & 4th in Class! We managed to get a total of 27 points which put us 3rd Overall in the Driver’s standings & 2nd Overall in the Co-Driver’s standings. We have all had a exciting season of Rallying & it has been a great adventure. I personally cannot thank the team for helping me make a return to the sport after what happened in 2016. We came back with a bang!

Now we start our testing program over the winter months before we get back to the big events which for us start in March! More information & news to follow at or our Facebook page “ Chris Wheeler Rallying “

Patriot Stages ends in disaster for CWR

The penultimate round of 2017

The Patriot Stages Rally held at caerwent In South Wales would be the penultimate of 2017. Going into this Rally we would be up against three other drivers which still have the chance to win this championship.

The forecast for the Rally was strong winds & heavy rain, but we had seemed to get away with the worst of the weather as the morning was very light rain. The surface was very slippery & with the four wheel drive cars dragging mud onto the road by taking cuts, this made our run through the stages like a sheet of ice.

We put in a fast pace into the first two stages of the morning even though we had lack of grip, we had a few moments on the braking points into the corners, but we got away with them & made it back to service.

In service we had one hour to clean the car down, make adjustments before Stage 3 to try & climb up the leaderboard. At this point we was lying 32nd Overall & was set to climb up into the twenty’s on the next stage.

We set off into Stage 3 & found that our tyre choice was the right move to make, we had good drip on the road but unfortunately just three miles into this stage the driveshaft on our Fiesta broke putting is out of the Rally early on. With just one event to go we are now fighting for a podium place, our retirement for the event has ended our hopes of a championship win but we will still be putting in effort for the next event to end the year in the top 3.

A very successful test day with the Citroen DS3

Friday 29th September was our first test day back in our DS3, we tested at Llandow Race Circuit in Wales. This test was to see if the car would work right, steering, brakes, performance, gearbox & much more would be put through it’s paces to see how it reacts after it’s full rebuild.

We had a mixture of conditions through out the day which helped set the car up for all different types of weather conditions.

Chris got back into the swing of things very quickly & the pace built up throughout the day as his confidence was growing all the time.

The day was very successful & with the car handling well through the turns & ran perfectly, we now bring the car back to our workshop where we check the car through & prepare it for it’s next test.

Chris is happy with how the day went & with the confidence flooding back we now get everything ready for our 2018 season.

Another great result for CWR

Prima Stages Rally 2017

The championship rages on…

The Prima Stages Rally is one of our qualifying rounds of this year’s ASWMC Rally Championship, this is held at Smeatharpe Airfield in Honition. We woke up at a very early 4AM of the day of the Rally, it was a cold, wet & windy morning as we set off, the weather was due to rain all day non stop. For this event we was seeded at car 32, a good seeding for us in the Fiesta MS1. We needed a good amount of points in this Rally to challenge for the championship lead. Our fiesta is far under powered so we would have to be on it from the very start of the event.

Stage 1, the rain poured, the surface was flooded & there was a light mist in the air, very tricky conditions laid ahead. The light went green, we set off. This stage felt good from inside the car considering the conditions all went well, in fact very well as we set an outstanding eighth fastest time against all 71 competitors, this is far from possible but somehow we pulled it off, a great start to our day.

One stage down, Severn to go, Stage 2, same layout as stage 1, all was going well until we came round to the merge & met a car that had just started the stage, unfortunately we got held up for some time. By the time we managed to get past we had lost a lot of time, despite trying our hardest to make up as much as possible throughout the rest of the stage.

Stages 3 & 4, the longest set of stages for the event. After our hold up on stage 2 we once again got held up on stage 3, not loosing as much time but enough. We got our foot down on Stage 4 which was a Clean stage for us, leaving four stages in the afternoon to go. Back in service, the car got cleaned down, the usual service checks were done & everything set for the following stages.

The afternoon went much better for us, the Fiesta was handling the wet conditions without any fault, the tyres where gripping well & the suspension took corner by corner without any moments or drama. After stage 6, we had just two short stages to go & we kept the pace up all the way to the very end. The car was at maximum revs in every gear, the notes being called to me went straight from one to another through the right chicanes & twisty corners, everything was going to plan.

Stage 8, we took another four seconds of our stage 7 time, after all of the teams effort we managed to finish an amazing 22nd overall & 6th in class. In championship terms we finished the event 5th Overall & 1st in the 1600 class scouring us fantastic points! Next the championship heads up country to Wales on the 1st October, then the year ends at Bovington on the 19th of November for the championship final show down.

For more information head to our social media… Facebook: Chris Wheeler Rallying Twitter: @CWheelerRally